Jus’ a l’il ‘speriment ….


“Genesis Bending is a compilation album created by various members of the We Are The Music Makers music forum. The project was conceived by Peter Godfrey (one half of the ambient group ‘cubus’) who experimented with the accidentally discovered effect of merging the memory states of various Mega Drive/Genesis games into one another using an emulator. The various results compiled on this album show the variety of the effects that can be created by using this so-called ‘Save State Bending’ technique – from the ambient drone of mcbpete’s ‘Echo Jr into Sonic 2 Beta’, dark glitch of Pselodux’s ‘Sonistar3’, music concrete of Hautlle’s ‘MK2vYB’ right through to melodic minimalism of Alex Tripp’s ‘ghouls_into_outrun_2019_(japan)_003’. Genesis Bending shows what would be the result of a console creating its own soundtrack based on cannibalised CPU instructions and non musical data.”

Update July 2022: Unfortunately this is currently unavailable for download. Watch this space.

New cubus track on Future Sound of London inspired compilation album


“Terminal Window is a music project from FSOLBoard, a community of Future Sound of London fans on the internet. Artists on the board were invited to contribute tracks and collaborations to the album, given nothing but the title Terminal Window. The final record holds together incredibly well as an individual album, merging ambient breaks from the likes of Loose Link and Noisesurfer with more traditional ambience of Off Land and cubus, and more experimental sounds from Herd and Full-Source. This wide range of styles, knitted together into a single journey, leaves the album sounding not a million miles away from FSOL themselves.”

Available as a free download on bandcamp – https://terminalwindow.bandcamp.com/album/terminal-window

New single released today – für alali


Jerky Oats is proud to present Für Alali by cubus, the fourth in the Lemony Nougat series of ambient and drone releases on 3″ CDr. In two parts, Für Alali treats the listener to slow moving, brooding ambience, beginning with minimalist drone but working its way up to a truly heartbreaking piano section, before slowly filtering away to nothingness once more. A true masterpiece of haunting mood music, Für Alali’s subtleties were brought to the fore by Christopher Leary at Melograf Mastering. Limited to twenty copies.”

At the time of writing there are only two copies remaining. Cd available to purchase for just £2 here – https://buy.ilovecubus.co.uk/album/f-r-alali

Update (02/02/11) – Unfortunately these have now sold out but above link is for a digital download

Exclusive cubus track on Record Label Records


Electric Carpets album cover

Album available to download from beatport.com

Pt 2 of 2 of the 2010 RLR compilation series

“Electric Carpets” is distinguished by its electro acoustic beats, and what RLR likes to call “post IDM” (although we don’t take the intelligent part very seriously…). Consider it dance music, but not in the typical sense of a 45rpm for those who expect a set to be one genre the entire time. Rather, it is a series of weird, poppy toe-tappers and material for the untraditional DJ, lovingly sequenced and psychonautically tested for your aural delight . Brian E creates infectious prog synth pop too earnest and intricate to be a mere throwback. Kossak brings tribal cutups to the table, custom crafted miniature sound design drum patterns hailing down on murky zombient atmospheres.

RLR is very excited to share with you new & exclusive works from acts on Hymen, Ant-zen, Phthalo, Acroplane, Skam, Tear, Highpoint Lowlife, Sub Rosa, Rephlex, Brainfeeder and Important Records as well as its own cast of artists.

This compilation is also the RLR premiere for Scuzi, Terminal 11, Not Breathing, Exillon, wAgAwAgA, Dr. Strangeloop, BD1982, Future Image, Dimentia & Identity Theft.

“The mother of Achilles dipped him in the River Styx in order to render his body invulnerable.” and so you shall be too with the power of Electric Carpets.

Electric Carpets Cast: Kush Arora, Cubus, Dr. Strangeloop, Kcinsu, William Braintree, Future Image, Identity Theft, Kossak, Scuzi, Brian E, Exillon, Dimentia, Not Breathing, Terminal 11, BD1982, Fluorescent Grey, Mike Dunkley, wAgAwAgA

Exclusive cubus track featured on Futonic Records compilation


“Some new friends of ours as well as a few familiar faces have come together to produce this incredible tribute to the world’s largest particle accelerator, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. A mammoth feat of science and engineering, some hope the LHC will provide insight into the very fundamental questions of physics; others fear it will create a black hole, swallow the earth, and end the world as we know it. Either way, we have the soundtrack! Download and enjoy the sometimes playful, sometimes dark, but always lovely contributions from your friends at Futonic who hope to bring out the inner particle physicist in everyone.”


01. Enter a New Sneakstep – Looping at the Speed of Light
02. Adjective – CERN CCTV
03. Soapskumm – Particle-AR Afro Spunk Ball
04. House of the Decompressed Mind – Fundamental Questions
05. Lights Set North – Strangelet
06. Upstanding Monk – The Ascension
07. Mr. Hamilton – Antigravity
08. Dungeness – Namely Major Lens
09. Owen Gilbride – Lambent Vector
10. This is the Sun – Ri
11. cubus – Search for the God Particle
12. William S. Braintree – Higgs Loops
13. Corn Cat – Through the Room

More details including a free download of all tracks available here: http://archive.org/download/fu006

cubus remix of Idiron Soundtrack available on Swishcotheque records


Swishcotheque returns with Idiron’s first release since 2008’s Manifest Sounds. A space opera of futuristic acid, electro and bass featuring remixes by Shinra, Oxynucid, Poborsk, Lushman + cubus.

“Turbo Kisu has roots in me getting further into my analogue synths, including 6 hour session on a mate’s 303, and it sort of spiralled from there. There is a narrative, which is mainly about malevolent trans-dimensional cats, but also alien love, and faulty robots.”

Update July 2022: Unfortunately this album is currently unavailable for download

and then the world fell further down


Download and free stream here – http://buy.ilovecubus.co.uk/

Almost three years in the making ‘and then the world fell further down’ is the latest album by cubus. Marking a slightly darker and more mature approach to sound design the album fuses field recordings, found sounds and downbeat ambience. Mixing acoustic and electronic instrumentation ‘and then the world fell further down’ contains over an hour of brand new material with a nod towards the works of musicians like Angelo Badalamenti, Carsten Nicolai and The Future Sound of London. Each track has been carefully mixed to create a complete narrative over the course of the hour, opening with the distressing sounds on the city streets and closing with a broken boiler !