Jus’ a l’il ‘speriment ….


“Genesis Bending is a compilation album created by various members of the We Are The Music Makers music forum. The project was conceived by Peter Godfrey (one half of the ambient group ‘cubus’) who experimented with the accidentally discovered effect of merging the memory states of various Mega Drive/Genesis games into one another using an emulator. The various results compiled on this album show the variety of the effects that can be created by using this so-called ‘Save State Bending’ technique – from the ambient drone of mcbpete’s ‘Echo Jr into Sonic 2 Beta’, dark glitch of Pselodux’s ‘Sonistar3’, music concrete of Hautlle’s ‘MK2vYB’ right through to melodic minimalism of Alex Tripp’s ‘ghouls_into_outrun_2019_(japan)_003’. Genesis Bending shows what would be the result of a console creating its own soundtrack based on cannibalised CPU instructions and non musical data.”

Update July 2022: Unfortunately this is currently unavailable for download. Watch this space.