New cubus remix released through Bandcamp


A rather more old skool remix by cubus for the band International Debris, it’s a near 10 minute piece opening with glitchy drones before swiftly jumping to a more accessible beaty venture

Download here for free (or whatever price you want!). EDIT – Currently unavailable for download as International Debris reconstructs their discography

The Clouds Are Finally Parting (Mix for Terminal Radio)


Ross Baker takes over Terminal Radio this month to introduce his new collaborative project International Debris. Featuring guest spots from Terminal regulars cubus and Shelldove, plus introducing The Glimmer Room and Justin Marc Lloyd, the show is bookended by an exclusive mix by International Debris, and a peek at sounds from the debut ID album due out in January on Metaphysical Circuits. Strap yourself in for another edition of Terminal Radio…

cubus section:
L.M.R.W – Live Edits (29-03-08) [Digitalis Limited]
Enore Zaffiri – Musica Per Un Anno [Die Schachtel]
Stockholm Arts Trio; Dmitri Shostakovich – Piano Trio No. 2 In E Minor, Op. 67 III. Largo [Naxos]
Marielle V Jakobsons – Cobalt Waters [Students of Decay]
cubus – bit test(.0) [Unreleased]
Michael Santos – Cut Them Loose [Home Normal]
cubus – bit test(.1) [Unreleased]
Michael Cera – Clay Pigeons (Blaze Foley Cover) [Bandcamp]

(Another) New cubus track for the summer !


This album follows the incredible success of Terminal Radio as broadcast on Returning to the album format for the third time, the musicians from present another hour of psychedelic electronic sounds, from pure ambient to breaks and modern classical sounds.

Given an initial concept of a psychedelic journey or trip, the artists involved have once again created a series of engaging electronic works, producing what is probably the most varied, yet paradoxically the most coherent, Terminal Window to date.

Download here –

New cubus track for the summer !


Multiple alternate universes, converging into one, this is TERMINAL INTERFACE. Celebrating the first year of TERMINAL RADIO: a monthly hypertrip podcast spin-off of the original TERMINAL WINDOW compilation series. INTERFACE collects a track each from nearly everybody who was generous enough to make a mix and be apart of RADIO for its first year of existence.

The show started in November 2012, months after TERMINAL WINDOW 2, originally as a stopgap until the eventual release of TERMINAL WINDOW 3 over a year later. It received positive feedback and had evolved into its own thing since then. A 2 hour or longer show, or a VOLUME as its usually referred to, was curated each month by LOOSE LINK, involving over 40 different artists to have their trips mixed in with 7 others to form spectacular audio soundscapes for everybody to dive into and enjoy.

As its second year of existence rolls on, the show’s curation has been passed over to the other TERMINAL crew members like ROSS BAKER, HERD, NOISESURFER, OFF LAND and NMESH, each bringing their own flavors and rules and taking the chance of inviting some of their favorite artists to partake. The show has evolved into one of the first true OPEN-MANAGED radio shows to exist, done in a way that feels alien and new in today’s musical landscape, but seems to be catching on to some.

Thanks to everyone who has listened and partaken, here’s to its future, and to the time where it will find its voice and lead the way – Enjoy The Trip!

Download here –

New mix, new cubus (and some olduns too)


“This month is a monster! Featured within this near three hour marathon is a terrific dub journey from BEN SONLEY aka MR. FNOOB, head of FNOOB.COM, for our second LABEL SHOWCASE we feature the music and delights of OFF LAND’s NO-SOURCE label, we’ll also give you a fifteen minute sneak peek of tracks that will appear on our upcoming anniversary compilation TERMINAL INTERFACE, then we welcome back DJ MYTHOS for a laid-back looser selection, we also welcome back cubus for an unbelievable droney experience, we have eggs, ham and a dash of hash with LMS, after which we party for days around a summertime campfire with NOISESURFER, then finally take a well earned breather with ROSS BAKER.”

cubus segment featuring –
cubus – Mr Thompson’s hair
Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto – naono
cubus – NOTLD (extract)
Kreng – Monkey
Kreng / cubus – The Baptist / au
VHS Head – Movies That Never Were