Exclusive cubus track on Record Label Records


Electric Carpets album cover

Album available to download from beatport.com

Pt 2 of 2 of the 2010 RLR compilation series

“Electric Carpets” is distinguished by its electro acoustic beats, and what RLR likes to call “post IDM” (although we don’t take the intelligent part very seriously…). Consider it dance music, but not in the typical sense of a 45rpm for those who expect a set to be one genre the entire time. Rather, it is a series of weird, poppy toe-tappers and material for the untraditional DJ, lovingly sequenced and psychonautically tested for your aural delight . Brian E creates infectious prog synth pop too earnest and intricate to be a mere throwback. Kossak brings tribal cutups to the table, custom crafted miniature sound design drum patterns hailing down on murky zombient atmospheres.

RLR is very excited to share with you new & exclusive works from acts on Hymen, Ant-zen, Phthalo, Acroplane, Skam, Tear, Highpoint Lowlife, Sub Rosa, Rephlex, Brainfeeder and Important Records as well as its own cast of artists.

This compilation is also the RLR premiere for Scuzi, Terminal 11, Not Breathing, Exillon, wAgAwAgA, Dr. Strangeloop, BD1982, Future Image, Dimentia & Identity Theft.

“The mother of Achilles dipped him in the River Styx in order to render his body invulnerable.” and so you shall be too with the power of Electric Carpets.

Electric Carpets Cast: Kush Arora, Cubus, Dr. Strangeloop, Kcinsu, William Braintree, Future Image, Identity Theft, Kossak, Scuzi, Brian E, Exillon, Dimentia, Not Breathing, Terminal 11, BD1982, Fluorescent Grey, Mike Dunkley, wAgAwAgA