cubus – au



au is a 20 minute piece which brings to mind William Basinski’s Disintegration Loop series and Machinefabriek’s longer drone pieces such as Allengskens and Flotter. Like DJ Olive’s recent ‘trilogy’ on the Room40 label, au can be enjoyed as a quiet background environment but is just as well suited to loud headphone listening where the cinematic detail can be appreciated. The track has been mastered by the ever-so talented Christopher Leary (of Ochre fame).

The track can be streamed for free, or purchased as a FLAC here – cubus shop

New cubus track featured on compilation album


A new compilation featuring various electronic artists has just been released. An Electronic Tribute To Antarctica features over 100 minutes of specially commissioned music inspired by the Earth’s southernmost continent. Featuring a range of genres from ambient to dubstep and everything else inbetween.

The album can be downloaded or streamed here – Click

Happy New Year !


A rather belated New Year message, hope 2009 was grand and that 2010 is a flipping great year to remember. Expect in the next few months some remixes, exclusive new tracks, compilation appearances and after what seems an age – a brand spanking new album too. We now just need some warmer weather 🙂

Happy new year!

The Metropolis (re)soundtrack project


Just over a year ago Rook and Squee from came up with the idea of getting users of the site to create a brand new soundtrack to accompany the film Metropolis. Finally after many months Zazen has resurrected the project and is nearly finished. The completed videos have been put up onto the site and cubus have produced the soundtrack to Part 7 of the film, which can quite handily be seen below: