Happy 2009


Apologies, a bit delayed but I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. 2009 could be an interesting year for cubus so we look forward to all your fantastic support over the next few months. New tracks to follow very soon ! Pete.

cubus mixset – 10 similarities


10 similarities is a 70 minute mix set that I’ve been working on on-and-off for the past year. It mixes together the tracks and artists that have been an influence on more recent cubus tracks (and tracks that I’ve loved in general !). A lot of time has been made to make sure that all the tracks fit together as nicely as possible.

machinefabriek – flotter
global communication – 8:07
alva noto – haliod xerrox copy 1
twine – kalea morning
twine – lightrain
farmers manual – untitled (taken from set Live In Hamburg 1998)
machinefabriek – piipstjilling
cliff martinez – will she come back
cubus – au (final)
deathprod – 615

Click here to download the mix

cubus remix featured on Experimedia records


“Asymmetrical Head present Redos Vol.2: Feeling Sorry For Inanimate Remixes is a new free release on Experimedia featuring remixes by 15 artists of material from Asymmetrical Heads recent album Feeling Sorry For Inanimate Objects (expcd004).

Remixes by: chengod, yan g, bizzart & big epoch, jeremy bible, chris moss acid, maskine, dreamcrusher, milieu, qorser, max marlow, dane jacobs, niture, five step path, cheonyi, and cubus.”

For more details about the remix album visit discogs.com (Download links are unfortunately no longer available)

Exclusive cubus track featured on Futonic Records


A brand spanking new and exclusive cubus track is featured on a compilation album about black holes compiled by mister Fred Mc. Griff from watmm.com

“Futonic Records is proud to present Black Holes, a ten-track tribute to nature’s infinitely destructive and inherently IDM bad boys of deep space. Ten stellar artists have come together to illuminate these mysterious entities in a manner only knob twiddling can handle, so download now for free and enjoy on their behalf.”

Download and get more information about the album here: https://archive.org/details/fu002

8 years of cubus squeezed into 1 little hour


a collection of tracks for miss kolodziejska – a compilation of cubus related paraphernalia, tracks and field recordings mixed and chopped and rerecorded into just over an hours worth of music. Featuring live work, remastered album tracks and fully segued together in the usual cubus manner, if you’re new to cubus or have been a long term listener then this album is to say: ‘thankyou’. Spread the album to your friends, colleagues, loved ones and pets. Who knows when the next cubus album may be…..

Go to the download section to stream and/or download the album

cubus featured on 60×60 Buzz Compilation


n3wjack from BuzzChurch.com (now hosted at Jeskola’s site) has created an hour long mix featuring 60 Buzz artists.

“An hour of music containing 60 tracks, each 60 seconds in length all produced using the modular software music studio Jeskola Buzz, or one of it’s many clones. The artists participating in this compilation are members of the various online Buzz communities such as buzzchurch, buzzmachines, buzzmusic and other mailing lists and fora. All this, and a 24 minute bonus compilation containing more buzz goodness containing tracks from people who sent in multiple submissions for the original 60×60 compilation.”

Full details, stream and download available here (cubus track is eight minutes in)

Another site update


Well after the last couple of months learning the dark and wondrous intricacies of content management system thingies, the site is finally updated with all new content. The discography section has finally been updated and the downloads section offers tracks in individual mp3s or entire zip archives and also now each track can be played by the streaming radio player.

Expect even more musical type news soon. – Pete.

About cubus


Comprising the unsigned duo of Peter Godfrey and Joe Kellam, Cubus (previously known as “Mancubus”) have spent the last decade creating Warp, Touch, Room40 and Raster Noton-influenced electronic music. Starting off with experimentation with early tracking software on the Amiga and PC, their style has matured and technical ability developed as new techniques were discovered… Currently using a combination of a Sony Walkman, an electromagnet, Jeskola Buzz, Audiomulch, MSN messenger, Reaper, Ableton Live, a pair of scissors and a microwave oven, cubus produce a range of tracks from minimal ambience to hyperactive electronica.

“cubus are an accomplished recording unit whose exploratory impulse is sincere and unflinching, but their desire to push back the boundaries is informed by a notable sense of melody and a will to entertain.” (Jon B from peoplesound (remember that ?!), ages ago..)

cubus can be contacted at info@ilovecubus.co.uk

Various Press Things

Future Music Issue 127 October 2002 P127
Future Music Issue 127 October 2002 P127

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