New mix, new cubus (and some olduns too)


“This month is a monster! Featured within this near three hour marathon is a terrific dub journey from BEN SONLEY aka MR. FNOOB, head of FNOOB.COM, for our second LABEL SHOWCASE we feature the music and delights of OFF LAND’s NO-SOURCE label, we’ll also give you a fifteen minute sneak peek of tracks that will appear on our upcoming anniversary compilation TERMINAL INTERFACE, then we welcome back DJ MYTHOS for a laid-back looser selection, we also welcome back cubus for an unbelievable droney experience, we have eggs, ham and a dash of hash with LMS, after which we party for days around a summertime campfire with NOISESURFER, then finally take a well earned breather with ROSS BAKER.”

cubus segment featuring –
cubus – Mr Thompson’s hair
Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto – naono
cubus – NOTLD (extract)
Kreng – Monkey
Kreng / cubus – The Baptist / au
VHS Head – Movies That Never Were