Two new cubus remixes released today


Songs of the Emptying Race: Second Thought Remixed (Bump Foot Records)

“Second Thought’s remix album began originally in 2004, and was completed in 2011. He personally selected remixes and remixers who he thought could bring something new and interesting to the selected tracks. This album also exists as a chance for fans of artists involved to discover a new range of producers and musicians they may never have heard before. It is varied, with mixes ranging from the ambient drone of Off Land to the glitchy breaks of Mercurial, and everything in between. Also features a three tracks from Second Thought himself, including a piece from his awakenings performance in February 2011.”

Download and further details here:

Loose Link – Electron Mace EP (Jerky Oats Records)

“Loose Link’s second release, the Electron Mace EP charts a gradual move away from his debut album, towards a more fractured sound, with samples, loops and beats fitting together in a less logical, more abstract manner. The first five
tracks are all reworkings by Loose Link himself, while the second half of the package finds remixes in various styles, from the Euro-dance leanings of Dinimiciúla Duo, Option Command’s more modern computer cool, cubus and Human Robot’s ambience, Second Thought’s acid house and Flying Battery’s computer catchy computer game jingle.”

Download and further details here: