2D or not 2d


I first watched this on Channel 4 late at night about a decade ago, and have been trying to track down a copy of the film for ages. And here it is ! A short film by Paul Driessen telling the story of two characters trying to reach each other, but both trying to cope with the limitations of their own respective dimensions.

cdak – The purest 4079 bytes of code known to man ?


Not quite sure why I didn’t post this on here before as it was one of the most impressive things I’d seen last year.

Here’s a video taken from a 4Kb demo by the masters of coding Quite & orange featuring music by Dune (aka Brothomstates / Lassi Nikko ). Although this is not the final version (which can be viewed here), it’s definitely my favourite. How so much visual and sonic beauty can be created in the space of something only a little bit larger than this message boggles the mind. For more details and additional videos by the group check out unc’s channel on vimeo – https://vimeo.com/unc



“A brief glimpse of Daphne Oram’s pioneering and unique Oramics synthesizer, designed in 1957 after she left the legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop to pursue the project.

This short film features Dr Mick Grierson, Director of The Daphne Oram Collection, acquiring the synthesizer from a collector in 2009.

The machine is now in the hands of The Science Museum in London and is currently being restored. It hasn’t been performed with since the 1970s. ”

For more information on Daphne Oram and her machine visit daphneoram.org/