Exclusive cubus track featured on Futonic Records compilation


“Some new friends of ours as well as a few familiar faces have come together to produce this incredible tribute to the world’s largest particle accelerator, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. A mammoth feat of science and engineering, some hope the LHC will provide insight into the very fundamental questions of physics; others fear it will create a black hole, swallow the earth, and end the world as we know it. Either way, we have the soundtrack! Download and enjoy the sometimes playful, sometimes dark, but always lovely contributions from your friends at Futonic who hope to bring out the inner particle physicist in everyone.”


01. Enter a New Sneakstep – Looping at the Speed of Light
02. Adjective – CERN CCTV
03. Soapskumm – Particle-AR Afro Spunk Ball
04. House of the Decompressed Mind – Fundamental Questions
05. Lights Set North – Strangelet
06. Upstanding Monk – The Ascension
07. Mr. Hamilton – Antigravity
08. Dungeness – Namely Major Lens
09. Owen Gilbride – Lambent Vector
10. This is the Sun – Ri
11. cubus – Search for the God Particle
12. William S. Braintree – Higgs Loops
13. Corn Cat – Through the Room

More details including a free download of all tracks available here: http://archive.org/download/fu006