(2014-04-29) Blackhill Transmitter - 2nd

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(2014-04-29) Blackhill Transmitter - 2nd

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MP3/FLAC (FSOLDigital.com) 29th April 2014

01. Alignment
02. Interception
03. Loko Motive
04. 1957
05. Uf

"Second helpings from Blackhill Transmitter - continuing the sound of hauntology
The once active transmitter / receiver now lies silent albeit for the faint crackling and buzzing as if ghosts from the past still wish to be heard"

The second Blackhill Transmitter EP fleshes out the sound of the initial release, with track segues and a fuller sound. Loko Motive bears a krautrock influence. Unlike most of the other FSOLDigital side-projects, the moniker seems to take in various styles, instead using a concept as the main inspiration: in this case, the Blackhill transmitter.

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