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Compilation tracks

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Compilation tracks otherwise unavailable.

Homeboy - Sunshine & Brick
Features on "Deep Heat 5 - Feed The Fever" (CD - TDC2411)

The Future Sound of London - Deep Into Your Subconscious I Slide
Features on "Excursions In Ambience - The Third Dimention" (CD - ASW 6119-2)

The Future Sound of London - Bring Me Home
Features on "Signed Sealed and Delivered 2" (CD - VVSAM23)

The Far-out Son of Lung - Cow
Fetaures on "Excursions In Ambience - The Fourth Frontier" (CD - VVSAM23)

The Future Sound of London - Landmass
Features on the game disc for "Wipeout XL" - not available on any standard audio CD.

Brian Dougans & Gaz Cobain - Roid Rage, Big Max, Fly & Mash, Swelter Skelter
Feature on Extreme Music: Acid Breaks

Brian Dougans & Gaz Cobain - Sable Empire, Airless Whisper, Blindside Bizarro, Deja Boo
Feature on Extreme Music: Dark Trance

Brian Dougans & Gaz Cobain - Acid Drop
Features on Extreme Music: Deep Chill

Brian Dougans & Gaz Cobain - Dead Ringer
Features on Extreme Music: Psychedelic Air

Brian Dougans & Gaz Cobain - Partial Law, Seven Shades
Feature on Extreme Music: Dirty Breaks

Brian Dougans - Krakatoa, Ecstatic Interference
Feature on Extreme Music: Chaos

The Future Sound of London - Lakeside
Features on Touched: Music for Macmillan
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