Rules - Please Read

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Rules - Please Read

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As with any community, there are rules which ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, and that everyone gets along peacefully. These forums are no different. We recognise that not everyone gets along, but we also know that this doesn't mean that the world should stop turning. This page of rules gives you the boundaries to work within. These aren't the default rules that come with the boards software, these are written by the administrators and moderators who deal with people on a daily basis. We would appreciate it if you could read through this page and absorb as much as humanly possible before posting.

General post content
Most stuff can be posted in the FSOL section of this board. However, if you are talking about non-FSOL music then use the Music Chat section. Any other chat can be posted in the Off Topic Section. Topics may get moved to the relevant sections if required by the author of the post or at the discression of a mod.

You will not violate anyones privacy. This includes anything about people on, or off the board. Violating this rule will result in the instant removal of your account, without any prior warning.

Multiple accounts
We can detect it. We know who you are. We will remove extra accounts.

Post pumping
Each member account has a post count, this is the number of threads you have contributed to during your existance on this board. We do not give out prizes for high post counts.

Cross posting
Cross posting is when you post the same information in more than one forum on this board. Violating this rule will result in a private message and a warning and one of the posts removed.

This is a big no-no. Violate this rule and we'll do the following to your account:

* Warn you
* Temporarily ban you
* Ban you outright

Although the use of language isn't entirely restricted (at the moment) please use expletives only if necessary. It's not the language you use, it's the subject you're talking about that concerns us. If this does prove to be a problem then there will be actions to modify the use of it.

You cannot advertise, or discuss any type of warez (illegal software) on this board. This includes requests for warez, gamez, appz, cracks, keygens or discussions about software available on P2P networks.

A lot of users of this board read posts at work. This means that the posting of pornographic material is strictly forbidden. However, we do allow links offsite, PROVIDING THE LINK IS ACCOMPANIED WITH A "NOT SAFE FOR WORK" or "NSFW" WARNING. Failure to observe this rule will result in a warning and your post being edited/locked. Do not post the picture directly into the thread UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, EVEN WITH A NSFW LABEL. If you're going to post something and mark it as NSFW, please make an attempt to link to the images and not include the images in the post itself. Regardless of where they are, there are some things that people really don't want to see. One further thing to note, some websites, such as have a mechanism to stop people from directly linking images from their site. These images clearly violate both the porn and also the gore rule below. Please check this out before linking pictures from elsewhere.

Soft Porn
In some circumstances, soft porn can be just as dangerous at work as any other porn/gore pictures. Posts will be edited where needed.

The same rule for porn is to be applied to gore. Think before you post (i.e. DONT DO IT)

Blind links
Blind linking is where you hide the real destination of a link with a different address. For example, linking to Doing this will result in a warning and the post being edited to correct the link.

We allow some advertising under certain conditions:

1. You are a posting bot from an established label
2. You are a well-known regular on this board, who posts often

If you advertise on this board by setting up an account with no intention on joining the community (ie, advertising is your first and only post) then your post will be locked. Monetary fines may result from any continued breaches of this rule particularly if you're a kitchen company.

Although some posters should see this coming (see flame-baiting), the general rule is not to totally shoot someone down over a post. If the argument gets out of control then the moderators and administrators will step in and provide a more Draconian solution.

Flame baiting
Don't do it. You will get warned. See the section on "The warning system" below.

This is the act of posting in a thread to simply keep the thread at the top of the forum. We don't like it. If you do this often you will get warned. Bump a thread more than three times and you'll get a warning.

'Crap' threads
Threads which start with what we term 'absolute crap' will get locked. At least have a reason for starting one. And please have a reason for replying to an existing thread . Threads that detiriorate to a string of inane one line reponses will be locked.

Picture sizes
When posting images, resize them appropriately. Please don't post 1280x1024 images.

If you have committed a serious offense, we will ban your account from this board. This means that we will remove your account from the system, record your IP address and stop you from using it again, and we will add your e-mail address to the list of banned addresses. There are only a couple of offenses that will immediately get you banned without warning.

Avatars and signatures
Avatars are the little pictures underneath your member name in each post. There is a fixed size for each avatar. The content of these avatars must comply with the rules above, including the porn and gore rules. Same with the signatures.

Signature size
You can edit your own signature for your posts through the "Profile" section of the board. The signature should be no taller than 200 pixels, and no wider than 500px. Taller signatures will result in a private message requesting it to be cut down. Failure to comply will result in your signature being edited.

Member status
Underneath your member name on each post is a brief description of who you are.

IP Addresses.
We track IP addresses. We know where you are.

'Hello' posts
It seems to be natural to post something to announce who you are when you join the board. This is fine. However, you should be treating your audience with a little respect first. Making a first post like "hello you fuckers" will be treated as flame-baiting (see above).

Acting like an AOL child
Not really a rule, but it'll make a dent in your respect-o-meter if you start posting "asl?". Actually, persistance in this activity will get a PM, then a warning simply because it's damn annoying. The general advice is to write as legibly as possible


1. Use common sense. Anything that you say or do carries consequences with it. If you find yourself questioning the nature of what you're going to post, then it's probably not safe to post it. Save yourself trouble and ourselves time, think before you post.
2. Always be civil and courteous. This forum is visited by people from all over the world of different ages, genders, and races. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Also, see Flaming, Privacy, and Racism.
3. Make sure that your message topics fit the topic description of the forum that you are posting in. This is for your own benefit.
4. Use the search function before posting.
5. Make sure that you have followed #1 and #4 before posting
6. Read the sticky threads at the top of each forum - they are there for a reason, and generally contain information relevant to the forum that they are in.
7. Don't quote the entire message that you're responding to, only the pertinent passage. This makes it easier to read for other users.

If you feel that this list of rules is missing something. Let us know.
The "mad-dogs and englishmen" clause
Glad you've read this far. As a knock-over from the previous rules of this board, there is a way to 'stop the world, I want to get off', or in other words, a way to get your account removed if you feel you've had enough. Ask a moderator/administrator.