(1992-06) Various - Earthbeat

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(1992-06) Various - Earthbeat

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CD (CDTOT7)/12" (LPTOT7)/Cassette (MCTOT7)

01. Mental Cube - Q
02. Yage - Quazi
03. Candese - You Took My Love
04. The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Dumb Child Of Q)
05. Indo Tribe - Owl
06. Semi-Real - People Livin' Today
07. Yage - Theme From Hot Burst
08. Indo Tribe - Shrink
09. Mental Cube - So This Is Love
10. Mental Cube - Chile of The Bass Generation
11. Smart Systems - Tinger (Remix)
12. Yage - Coda Coma
13. Indo Tribe - In The Mind Of A Child
14. Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid (Coby's '94 Mix)
15. Smart System - Creator
16. Indo Tribe - Bite The Bullet Baby

Mental Cube EP
So This is Love
You Took My Love
The Pulse EP
Pulse Three
Papua New Guinea
The Tingler - Remix
Fuzzy Logic
Pulse Four
Stakker Humanoid '92
People Livin' Today

Some tracks are edited slightly to allow the album to fit the red book standard CD runtime of 74:59.

Long-deleted compilation album, featuring picked tracks from Brian and Gaz's alias days, 1990-1992. The tracks are similar in style to those on Accelerator, but less developed in most places, and featuring many more vocals (no vocalists credited). Some of the tracks veer into the hardcore/rave category, too, and suffer a little from it. All the tracks are available elsewhere, on the 12" EPs and singles, with the exception of 'Theme From Hot Burst', which is exclusive to the compilation. Features Buggy G. Riphead artwork similar to Accelerator.
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Re: (1992-06) Various - Earthbeat

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I love Stakker Humanoid (Coby's '94 Mix) !!!
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