(1997-02-00) The Future Sound of London - ISDN Show

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(1997-02-00) The Future Sound of London - ISDN Show

Post by Ross » Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:31 pm

CD February 1997

01. Hallucination
02. Hallucination
03. My Kingdom
04. Accompaniment for Melodious Expression
05. Oil - Psycho-Crab
06. Her Face Forms In Summertime
07. Yashica
08. War Machines
09. Glass
10. Herd Killing
11. Insides
12. Carlos
13. Everyone In The World
14. Arrived

In 1997, a second live album was planned. This promo CD edition is the only version that listed, as sample clearance for various spoken sections of films was deemed too costly.

The album is a mix of Dead Cities material and then-unreleased tracks. The feel is more organic than Dead Cities, which hints at the band's future. The tracklist above has been corrected from the original, which had several errors, and also included working titles for several tracks which have been renamed for their inclusion on the Archives and Environments series. For reference, the original tracklist is printed below:

01. Yage
02. My Kingdom
03. Womb
04. Psycho Crab
05. Her Face Forms in Summertime
06. G Eletro
07. Tingler '960. Glass
09. Womb 2
10. Herd Killing
11. Max (Original)
12. Carlos
13. Everyone in the World
14. Sitting Around

This show can be purchased in The Pod Room.

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