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(2003-07-05) Stereoleto Festival

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(2003-07-05) Stereoleto Festival

PostMon Nov 25, 2013 7:05 pm


Setlist featured Amorphous Androgynous and FSOL material, including a new mix of The Lovers. Also played was the regular cover of Here Comes The Sun, and Pink Floyd's On The Run. More info soon...

THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON present AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS: a psychedelic DJ experience. DJ Martin Lever, DJ James Holroyd

with special guests: Baluji Shrivastav - sitar and tablas; Gary Lucas - guitars and FX sonics; Gaz Cobain (who along with musical partner Brian Dougans makes up the Future Sound Of London and Amorphous Androgynous) will demonstrate true DJ-experience accompanied by live musicians Gary Lucas and Baluji Shrivastav who both played a significant role in the making of The Isns - the much acclaimed album released under FSOL's alter ego Amorphous Androgynous last year. The album saw a radical shift from the unique trademark organic electronic soundscapes of FSOL toward an ethereal cosmic psychedelic rock-opera and the psychedelic DJ experience will be a further step in the evolution of Amorphous Androgynous into a supergroup while the release at the beginning of 2004 of The Future Sound of London new album (the first new material under that name for seven years). The psychedelic DJ experience will also be accompanied by the band's unique video.

Gig reviews

by Alex Kanavin

They played a mindblowing remix of The Lovers (apparently the new material), and also the closing track was totally hilarious :) No old FSOL tracks though. Gaz was probably somewhat embarassed by the rockstar-like reception the (rather large) audience gave to his "bizarre experiment" :)
Hopefully it encourages him to transform AA into a real band, which he said he intends to do. Oh, and he was very accessible after the gig, so I got my ticket signed.
If we're lucky, we may get the mixing desk bootleg...

by Streamline

This Stereoleto festival is a project which consists of seven Saturday parties from 28 June till 9 August. Various interesting artists perform there and among them was Gaz. The festival is held in a nice garden which is situated in downtown (1000 meters from my home). A cheezy & exotic smell in the air, candles, bar, great light decorations. The best russian beer Tinkoff from the private brewery is everywhere! There's a square behind the park where AA were supposed to perform and the indoor dancefloor to the right where some kinda fashion show took place (didn't see this), and DJ's Martin Lever & Jaymz Holroyd played. The weather was warm and awesome...
The doors opened at 23:00.. people were walking across the park, drinking beers and so on. The outdoor main stage was not so huge, it was like near the castle in Lulworth two years ago but with white drop "screen" for video purposes (see it on the picture).
AA were supposed to start as 01:00 but actually Gaz and his mates went on stage a little bit later - 01:20

Me and my friend were not along with the rest of the public but in the pit straight in front of the stage.. 1 meter from the sitar player and 4 meters from Gaz. We were drinking beers, smoking pipes with Irish oak peterson tobacco and enjoying the real thing happened on stage. Gaz looked at me and smiled a few times during the show.. it was nice. The show/set was about 140 - 150 minutes long! Woo more then 2 hours of Amorphous Androgynous... the set began with songs which reminded me the track The Isness on the AA album. The Lovers was very cool and long. All songs were mixed very well (he played CDr type discs), and accompanied with guitar and sitar / drums / one more exotic instrument which I can't name really). The last three were done by the blind Shrivastav(?) and guitar by Gary Lucas. The instruments sounded great mixed with Coby's set. It was so cool to hear "I'm here" samples and Dead Can Dance vocal samples during the set & the track with singing... "little darling - here comes the sun...I say - it's allright" or something like this (heard a few times during FSOL transmissions 2000-2001), I suppose many people know this track. Gaz sang along with the track vocals. Then near the end Gaz introduced his friends and said some words about the music they are playing. Gaz filled the psychedelic/ambient set with more funky tracks as well).

As for video background - the well mixed video was perfomed! Some footage taken from Cascade, Lifeforms & We Have Explosive videos. But most of the 150 minute film was exclusive. A really FSOL/psychedelic type visials. Later Gaz said to me that Brian was working on that video background in the studio for the event. But I can't be 100% sure it all was a genuine FSOL video footage.

As for the registration of the gig: many photographers were making photos of them I suppose they should be soon either in press or internet. My digicam's battery pack went to zero, and I own only 3 shots from the show itself (stage, Gaz mixing, Shrivastav). But I suppose in very near future I'll have some "paper" photos aswell.
A very few people were videotaping the show. I don't think they have the entire thing and I suppose the quality of audio/video sucks on their tapes or whatever.. But no pro-cams. Only one TV channel 6 were taking some shots from the gig (10 min?) and after they talked with Gaz for about 5-7 minutes on various topics. In the end he added: "Garry Cobain - Amorphous Androgyous - Future's here..."
In two weeks there will be a short report on TV Channel 6. And I hope maybe someone will be able to bring a soundboard registration of the show... not sure at all. Also I've got a huge promo poster of the event with Gaz on it.

Straight after they finished playing Gaz and his 2 mates went backstage - outdoors (right direction) and Gaz was signing autographs. I've chatted with Gary Lucas, the guitarist, he was really kind... as well as others. Gaz was joking alot and said he remembered my face when we were enjoying the gig... Very friendly person, and talkative. Later we've chated for about 10 minutes or so... he is still interested in medcine and asked about a few places in Russia. He doesn't care much about the money, music industry and stuff like that...
Some things he told:
- "Brian is waiting for a baby now and very busy with it or so... "
- "We'll perform in Moscow next year (or autumn 03?) for sure with a more bigger show"... or something like this, I've read in the press a few words about it. It's good that it's not a rumour now.
- "We'll have a new album next month"... ahh. I said "what? maybe it will be a divinity ep?" and he said - "yeah of course - the divinity! 40 minutes of mixes".. I asked about the promo video for the single - and he said - yeah!
- I asked about the twelve hour Kiss transmission and he replied "when was it?" - "1995" - "ahh the time we did live for kiss" (or something similar)... really we did a 12 hour one?" - "yes you did" - "really? we did it?" he replied with sarcasm... so Gaz is careless about all those things and like to joke on it (as we saw on Justin's video from Big Chill 2001)...
- Real name? - "Gaz Cockbain, I removed 2 letters from it..."
- One guy gave him a Russian bootleg copy of AA Tales... album to sign it - Gaz said "Is it a Russian bootleg?" - yeah it is - "Arrest this man" he added. He was interested & excited to see it.
- "Going to the club or what?" - he replied - "nope - to bed."

Chatting with Gaz was really interesting and nice. I've got my Translations signed 3 times, a couple of autographs on the tickets to my friends and the message with the autograph to the Mailing List on Stereoleto flyer. Also the autograph of Gary Lucas along with huge promo poster of the event with Gaz on it.

After the show we had a short break with beers and tobacco on the fresh air. During the rest of the night we had lots of fun fuking along DJs Martin Lever & James Holroyd...indoors.. hard house & awesome techno stuff going on there)) it was cool.

I enjoyed the time... thanks, Gaz and all.

Click here for photos of the gig courtesy of Streamline and Alex.

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