(2009-08-09) Zeebox - Zeebox Vol. 3

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(2009-08-09) Zeebox - Zeebox Vol. 3

Post by Ross » Tue Apr 21, 2015 2:56 pm

ZEEBOX - ZEEBOX 1984-1987 VOLUME 3 (2009)
MP3 (FSOLDigital.com) 9th August 2009

01. Edney
02. Heavily Involved In Drugs
03. Yowr
04. Hydro Gem
05. Conceal Them
06. Lanes
07. Hill Peoples
08. Self Pity
09. Bell Trap 7
10. A Dog That Learns
11. Its To Late
12. Tiki Smith
13. The Tape Recorder
14. Push Them Into Here
15. Salford Adelphi Building
16. She
17. Deserve To Be Alive
18. Piano In Kitchen 3
19. Lucy Said
20. Bells Trap 5
21. Spearhead
22. When
23. Counting Pleasures
24. Small Mechanical Hands
25. Throwys Friend
26. Hill Peoples 2
27. Rusholme
28. Tranmission Gallery
29. Dirty Piano Constant

The original release of the album featured the sub-titled 'Heavily Involved in Drugs'

The tracks form a comprehensive look at Brian's early experimental work between 1984 and 1987 in Glasgow and Manchester, featuring a selection of industrial, noise and ambient pieces. Some are simply samples of their title (either the sound of the equipment, or simply the title read out), while others are more fully formed pieces of music. Focus, for the most part, is on texture and sound over melody. The tracks show Brian's skill with basic electronics, and are considerably ahead of their time in places. Volume 3 appeared two years later than the first two volumes, and was remixed and enhanced in 2009 at 9 Ley Lines West. Each individual mp3 came with its own related image, and was tagged with the following statement:
"some of these recordings may suffer from wow and flutter - most have been salvaged from 25 year old reel to reel tapes - some of which had to be baked"

Purchase from FSOLDigital

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