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(2003-02-10) Humanoid - Sessions 84-88

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(2003-02-10) Humanoid - Sessions 84-88

PostMon Nov 25, 2013 5:04 pm

CD (CAT 130 CD)/LP (CAT 130 LP) 10th February 2003

01. Stakker Humanoid (Snowman Mix)
02. Positive Electron
03. Negative Electron
04. Rotation
05. Your Body Robotic
06. Swamp Amp
07. Interlude Whistle
08. Delay Decay
09. Motion Static
10. E Prom Contact
11. Hulme Slipway
12. Pulsar
13. Small Cluid
14. Jet Stream Tokyo
15. Cry Baby
16. Piano In Kitchen
17. Laughing Box
18. FX Dial
19. Nano Plura
20. Well Meaning
21. Land Of Ash
22. Zeebox (TV Dinner Part 1)
23. 2nd Of May

Co-Production on some tracks by John Laker, additional keyboards and vox FX on some tracks by Mark Maclean (Buggy G. Riphead) and Colin Scott.

'Zeebox (TV Dinner Part 1)' features on the Far Out Son Of Lung white 12" as 'Zeebox'.

Released alongside the Eurotechno soundtrack in early 2003, Humanoid Sessions contains a number of acid house tracks by Brian Dougans from 1988, in the 'Stakker Humanoid' vein. Also included are some noise/glitch/experimental tracks by Brian under his Zeebox name; mostly home recordings from 1984-1987. The artwork is based on the artwork for the Global album. On the topic of how the album came to be released on Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) and Grant Wilson-Claridge's Rephlex label, Brian explained:

"He (RDJ) phoned me and said he wants to talk about Stakker. How much of an influence on him and Grant it had been, and could he put it out on Rephlex. Of course 'Yes' was the reply.

I spent several weeks pulling on old reels of tape. The whole track at one point was hanging of my wall on pieces of tape - about 300-400 little pieces of 1/4 inch tape; which we then randomly grabbed and re-pieced together - that's why it keeps changing mad frantic cuts!

I sent everything to Grant and him, and Richard formed the Stakker session album. Then they also licensed the EUROTECHNO soundtrack from MGM in USA. When it came to mastering and cutting the album I met with Richard and Grant in south London. We spent several hours mastering, and then Richard said: I live around the corner, lets go back for some recreational activities. He at that point lived in a 5 store office block, the basement was flooded, the ground floor was like a building site. He lived at the top, in between were his studios - piano room - synths - etc - very cool. I spent the rest of the day with Richard and Grant, indulging... Lovely guy, very serious, lives for ART..."

The Humanoid tracks were originally to be released as a 2CD set called The Stakker Sessions and the Zeebox tracks were to be a 2CD album called Zeebox. The tracklists for these were announced on Zeebox eventually turned up as a triple-album download on FSOLdigital, however many tracks remain unreleased from the Stakker Sessions, of which the tracklist is displayed below:

01. Rotation
02. Automan
03. Silorak
04. Negitive Electron
05. Machine Girl
06. Europe
07. Night Sight
08. E Prom Contact
09. Flow Stop
10. Positive Electron
11. Intelstat
12. X O Thermic Acid
13. Sub Atomic
14. Earth Solid
15. Passion (Acid)
16. Liquid
17. Motion Statik

01. Swamp Amp
02. Pull Me Over Baby
03. Hulme Slipway
04. Silicomm
05. Pulsar
06. Positive Electron 1
07. Small Cluid
08. Your Body Robotic
09. Passion
10. Take It Away (Zeiglog)
11. Delay Decay
12. Your Body Sub Atomic
13. Consistent In The Memory
14. Jet Stream Tokyo
15. Micro Acid

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