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Nmesh Thread [FACT Mix 504: Nmesh]

Make some music, have some musical tips or questions ? Well, why not bung them in here !
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Re: Nmesh Thread [FACT Mix 504: Nmesh]

PostTue Jul 14, 2015 6:31 pm

Yup, she's almost 4 months old now, sweetest thing ever too - I've had to sacrifice a lot more time, was about down to 1 full day on Sunday as well as Friday evening to be able to work on music, but in the past month or so, the wife's been hitting the hay a lot earlier, so I just try and stay up late and work - constantly running on fumes, but it's the only way I'm getting anything done

And yes, it feels exquisite to be among the roster of past contributors to FACT mixes - hell I'm just a few ahead of Squarepusher and Prefuse 73 - sometimes I feel like I need to smack myself haha - where do I go from here LOL. Was asked to do a mix for Kastle's SYMBOLS mix series in the next month or so, had to look him up though cos I wasn't entirely familiar with him - apparently he's pretty big - so I've got that going I suppose :)

New album still in the works, set to be released on Orange Milk - I'll keep you guys posted !
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Re: Nmesh Thread [FACT Mix 504: Nmesh]

PostWed Jul 15, 2015 3:36 pm

super news all around my man :)

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