Forthcoming releases

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Forthcoming releases

Post by Ross » Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:06 am

Known & announced material. As always, the band are working on many more projects behind the scenes than are listed here, and most of them will come out before most of the records listed below...

Brian has revealed that there will be ten collective volumes of the Environments series, with later entries being released over several albums. Volume 7 will be a trilogy of albums, the first entitled Rituals (making it the first FSOL album with a proper title in 25 years!), subtitled e7.001, was released in April, with two further volumes expected over the following 12 months. Two still-unreleased tracks recording during the E7 trilogy sessions have been premiered: the electronic ‘Northern Point’, and a piano & string interpretation of Schubert’s 'Piano Sonata in A', featuring Morven Bryce on violin. A boxset of all three albums is expected at the conclusion of the series.

Numerous unreleased tracks have appeared in ISDN transmissions, Electric Brain Storms and Touched Music nights in the past decade or so, including tracks called ‘Boundaries’, ’49Innesp’, ‘Static Field’, ‘Peirch’, ‘Algae Floats the Water in Super Technicolor’, ‘Arc City’, and ‘Rituals’, along with a large number of tracks of unknown title. Some of these may appear on future Environments.

Mind Maps
Following the first two very successful Mind Maps mix CDs on Touched Music, a third is being readied for release in 2022. Further FSOLDigital Presents… style mixes may follow.

From the Archives
Boxes of tapes and discs of archived material are being uncovered all the time from Brian's collection. Many have been previewed on Electric Brain Storm mixes, while other titles have leaked over the years, including "Kaaawa", "Turned", "How to be a Genuine Fake", "Santana" (aka "Carlos"), "Under Pass", "Dead Dolphine 2", "Eleven Hot Knives" and "The Z Storm". For the Touched Music FSOL Nights on Mixlr, the band provided a selection of unreleased tracks, some of which were given titles, including "Static Field", "Peirch", "Algae Floats the Water in Super Technicolor" and "Arc City", along with several tracks of unknown title. Starting with volume 7, the Archives series has been including unreleased material from the FSOLDigital era as well as the group's '90s recordings.
The first five Archives were released in a boxset in 2016; a future boxset is rumoured to be in the works for the next five volumes when they happen.

The exclusive Touched Music mix broadcast to celebrate the release of Mind Maps included two collaborative tracks, ‘Long Green Field’, a composition for piano and electronics by FSOL & Dan Pemberton, and an untitled piece by Yage & Alina Kalancea.

The Amorphous Androgynous
The third Amorphous v2 album is called Listening Beyond the Head Chakra and is due to be released in 2023. The album was preceded by a 2CD/LP pack of paths and remixes of the lead single 'We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal'; a similar release of 'Mantra' is expected to come out in 2022.
Rights to Alice in Ultraland returned to the band in 2020, and a reissue is expected in the near future. There are hopes for a 2CD expanded edition, a la The Otherness, but nothing has been confirmed.
The Amorphous-produced Noel Gallagher album refuses to die, with both Noel and Gaz mentioning it in recent interviews. Gaz has suggested he's been doing more work on the album, hinting that it's still possible it may see a release one day.

Out of print records from the band's back catalogue are gradually being reissued. Tales of Ephidrina is strongly rumoured to be the next album reissued on vinyl by Universal.

Aliases and side-projects
Several side-projects have been announced over the past few years, via Electric Brain Storms releases and announcements to fans, including:
A second Synthi A album called Octagon Trees, announced in 2019.
Six Oscillators in Remittance - Light Senses Dark Edges, an album of drone-based oscillator experiments by Brian, announced via the 'Cloudscraper' single in 2008.
EMS : Piano - Vessels and Two EP. Another project of Brian's, several tracks have appeared on EBS mixes, including 'Untitled 5' and 'The Vessel'.
Unreleased Polemical tracks appeared on Electric Brain Storms Vol. 7.
A Yage album, Nam '71, was announced as part of the 2017 Calendar Album.
Aliases including The Superheads, The Field Recorders, The Bringers, C. P. A., Filter and Pulses, AnALOguE COntRoLleD SolENoiDs and Forest Trails have appeared as potential future FSOLDigital artists on mixes and calendar albums, although the Filter and Pulses and Forest Trails tracks have since been reassigned as FSOL, suggesting the potential projects may have been shelved. Friend of the band, Park, has been long expected to release an album on FSOLDigital, although nothing has yet emerged. With Seafar's Totem being the only outside artist release since 2014, and the increasing focus on Bandcamp, is seems unlikely that many other artists will release on the label in the future.

In an April 2014 interview, Gaz mentioned the band had spent four or five years working on new versions of the Liz Fraser collab Lifeforms, in an attempt to reach the vision they had for the work originally, but never had the equipment to realise in the early '90s. Gaz mentioned this once again in an August 2014 interview with Future Music magazine, but more vaguely stating "we hope to release the full results." Universal have shown little interest in putting out the release, but we continue to hold out hope, as recent vinyl reissues of the band's Virgin albums, it's possible that the label are finally giving the band's back catalogue the attention it deserves, and a deluxe edition of Lifeforms is still a possibility.

While 2022’s Record Store Day release saw a move away from the re-recordings series, with a strong possibility of e7.003 being co-ordinated for 2023’s release, Brian has confirmed that more re-recordings have been worked on for potential future release.

2" Tape Reels
Mentioned on the original version of FSOLDigital was 2" Tape Reels, which was described as 'Various sessions - demos and outakes from the 2" multitrack recordings @ RAM studio. 16 songs - 1 hr 5 mins'. With the only known track, a mix of 'We Have Explosive', released on We Have Explosive 2021 as 'Detonate', the release now seems less likely.

A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind / Electric Brainstorms
Gaz revealed that all MPB remix work is undertaken under the freedom that the remixes can be used on future MPB projects, and as such, a compilation of remixes and cover versions is in the works for Monstrous Bubble Records (he also hinted the 2001 Cosmic Jukebox remixes may appear on this record). It is possible further Monstrous Bubble Soundtrack albums may appear in the future. Given the success of previous volumes, it's likely further MPB mix albums will be released.
A FSOL edition of the MPB CD series was planned to be the second in the series, but never materialised. In early 2015 Gaz revealed that a series of FSOL mix CDs entitled (unsurprisingly) Electric Brainstorms had been planned, but it seems like this is currently on hold. An EBS VHS was rumoured to be in the works. In 2019, a FSOL mix for Rave Atlas was created under the name Planet Earth, suggesting the EBS series may be finished.

Ten volumes of the Ramblings of a Madman series of mini-books/zines are planned, each likely to come with its own music release. The band have been sorting through their archives to hopefully provide more reading matter for volume four onwards.

This project, featuring Brian working with Ross Baker, is due to release its first album in the future, following a compilation track 'Missing Skies' on the Touched by Silence box set.

The Pod Room
The Pod Room looks to be moving to MixCloud in the coming months, hopefully filling gaps in the process.

FSOL - Digitana Synths
SX One modules continue to be built by Digitana. An affordable pocket synth, the HALia, is still in development and will be available somewhere down the line.

Brian's project with regular collaborator Will White, Hed-Set is a production & mixing team working with various bands.

Dead projects
The band were asked to score a forthcoming Brit horror flick Shh. The directive was for more dance-based material, and the group asked Will Propz to help out. However, the film has become stuck in development hell and looks unlikely to surface any time soon.
Working with friend Pete Fowler, Brian and Gaz have worked to soundtrack his cartoon series Monsterism Island, although this does appear to have disappeared from the TV radar. Who knows...
Several Amorphous releases have been mentioned, but now seem long lost, including Amorphic Archives / Amorphik Alternatives, the albums mentioned in The Peppermint Tree booklet - The New Love Poetry, Wobbly Oozescapes and 2012 - and a compilation entitled Greatest Trips, mentioned by Gaz in a 2010 interview.
The Amorphous Androgynous have also recorded with Paul Weller, producing potential tracks for his 2015 album. Nothing has been heard since.
A film soundtrack by Brian's father, Clyde Port Authority, was expected to be released in the late '00s, but has since disappeared from the radar.
Various DVD releases have been mooted in the past - a FSOL video collection to coincide with the Teachings compilation, an Alice in Ultraland film, a 5.1 mix of Globular, a Part-Sub-Merged collection and a live DVD of the 2009 Athens show - but none of these look likely to come out now.

Recent releases:
27th April 2022: The Future Sound of London - Rituals >e7.001 (CD / download)
23rd April 2022: The Future Sound of London - Rituals >e7.001 (LP)
6th April 2022: Humanoid - sT8818r (CD / download)
16th February 2022: Intelligent Communication - Principles of Motion (12")
14th January 2022: FSOLDigital Presents 2021 Calendar Album (Download)
3rd December 2021: Humanoid - sT8818r Humanoid (12")
12th November 2021: FSOLDigital Presents Mind Maps 2 (CD)
11th November 2021: Various - Earthbeat 30th Anniversary (CD)
1st October 2021: Humanoid - 7 Songs (CD)
30th July 2021: Humanoid - 7 Songs (12" + 10")

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Re: Forthcoming releases

Post by Ross » Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:08 am

I have a theory about why there are Environments instead of new albums... but it will have to wait as my library time is almost run out.

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Re: Forthcoming releases

Post by Pandemonium » Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:22 pm

Recent releases: should also contain
Dougans/Cobain - Nu Psychedelia EP (XMT-184)
it was released in july/august 2013, probably July.
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Re: Forthcoming releases

Post by Nmesh » Tue Oct 01, 2013 1:54 pm

I don't think they're busy enough. Surely they can squeeze in a couple more releases... ;)
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Re: Forthcoming releases

Post by dell1972 » Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:43 am

Oh, the last update on the Noel Gallagher stuff was that back in April he was learning the songs he did with the AA on guitar.

http://stopcryingyourheartoutnews.blogs ... ts-on.html

"The musician said "I’ve still got all those songs I did with Amorphous Androgynous but the moment has gone now with that. Because it was written and recorded in the studio in a rather psychedelic manner I’m currently in the process of trying to work out how to play the fucking things on the guitar. ""

Apparently he's recording a new album now so that could be a red herring, unless he's going to re-record them with Dave Sardy.

As for Brian and Gaz, noone could accuse them of being workshy...
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Re: Forthcoming releases

Post by Ross » Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:58 pm

It's pretty bad to be complaining, given how much material they've put out in the last six years, but I do wish it was structured better. Say an album very 9 or 12 months rather than lumping them all together.

I had this fantasy (er, that sounds worse than it is) that they'd gone through all their archive tracks, filtered out the ones which were on transmissions/remixes of exisiting tracks/really early 90s sounding ones, and then pieced them together with new material and just put out a new album every year. Imagine getting a new record each year with tracks like Plazmatik and Water Hole.

My theory (perhaps hypothesis should be better, as it hasn't been tested), is that Environments 5 might be the last Environments album. They're obviously holding off doing a 'proper' new record (if only by name), and at the album-every-two-years rate that seems to be the case with Environments 2/3/4/5, that means the one after 5 will be in 2016 - twenty years after Dead Cities. What better time to bring out the first 'official' new FSOL album?

Fuck, writing that makes me feel old.

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Re: Forthcoming releases

Post by Tito Lozano » Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:18 pm

i think will be error make a ENVIRONMENTS MMXXIII...,not in time but yes on title number release
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Re: Forthcoming releases

Post by Ross » Sun Aug 25, 2019 7:18 pm

Throwing this in as a sticky over here so it's more convenient.

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Re: Forthcoming releases

Post by ronniedobbs » Tue Sep 24, 2019 4:34 pm

VA - "Secret Rave 05" contains the new Humanoid track "Uling"
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Re: Forthcoming releases

Post by Ross » Tue Sep 24, 2019 5:52 pm

Already mentioned above ;)

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