Deluxe boxsets - fantasy tracklists

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Deluxe boxsets - fantasy tracklists

Post by Ross » Wed May 29, 2019 5:57 pm

Posted this in the Facebook group, but I thought people here might fancy a read too!

With all the chatter about deluxe editions recently, I've drawn up a fantasy tracklist for some boxsets. Realistically speaking, it's hard to imagine Universal pushing for 5-disc super-deluxe boxes for an act like FSOL - they tend to be more common with legacy pop/rock acts, while more niche artists rarely get past the 2CD standard deluxe versions - so these are definitely in the realm of fantasy. Content-wise, everything here is a viable option, and these are how I'd imagine the sets to run were they to exist. I don't imagine any 'new' tracks would turn up on them - a lot of that material has been exhausted in the Archives - but the band always did several different versions of each track, including some wildly divergent versions (Hallucination / Yage, for example), so I reckon there's more than enough material to do whole alt takes on the albums. The alt. versions I've suggested are largely speculation, but when there's a known version, I've put in a title as a possibility. For Lifeforms, I've suggested 'Lifeforms 25' as a new series of paths, as we know the band have been working on a whole new version of the EP for some time now. I have no idea what the legal situation with that is, but given that it involves the same recordings of Liz Fraser, I would imagine that means the rights would be at least partially with Universal, thus this would be the realistic way it would come out.

Tales of Ephidrina
CD1: Main album
CD2: Alt. mixes
1. Liquid Insects (Alt. Soundcloud Version)
2. Swab (Alt. Version)
3. Mountain Goat (Alt. Soundcloud Version)
4. In Mind (Alt. Version)
5. Ephidrena (Alt. Verison)
6. Auto Pimp (Alt. Version)
7. Fat Cat (Alt. Version)
8. Pod Room (Alt. Version)
9. Sky-Scraper

CD1 & CD2: Main album
CD3: EPs
1-6. Cascade 1-5 & Shortform
7-13. Lifeforms Path 1-7
CD4: Lifeforms 25
1. Lifeforms Path 8
2. Lifeforms Path 9
3. Lifeforms Path 10
4. Lifeforms Path 11
5. Lifeforms Path 12
6. Lifeforms Path 13
7. Lifeforms Path 14
8. Bring Me Home
9. Deep Into Your Subconscious I Slide
10. Unknown track from Lifeforms video
1. Cascade
2. Lifeforms (Single)
3. Lifeforms AV
4. Lifeforms Path
5. Lifeforms EPK
6. Equinox Interview

CD1: ISDN White
CD2: EPs & bonus tracks
1. The Far-out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman
2. Snake Hips (Part 1 & 2)
3. Smokin' Japanese Babe
4. Amoeba
5. Herd Killing
6. Live in New York
7. Hot Knives
8. Are They Fightin Us?
9. An End of Sorts
10. Cow
CD3: Alt versions
1. Just a Fuckin Idiot (Alt. Version)
2. The Far-out Son of Lung (Alt. Version)
3. Appendage (Alt. Version)
4. Slider (7" Edit)
5. Smokin' Japanese Babe (Alt. Version)
6. You're Creeping Me Out (Alt. Version)
7. Eyes Pop - Skin Explodes - Everbody Dead (Alt. Version)
8. It's My Mind That Works (Full-Length Version)
9. Dirty Shadows (Robert Fripp Version)
10. Tired (Alt. Version)
11. Egypt (Alt. Version)
12. Kai (Alt. Version)
13. Amoeba (Alt. Version)
14. A Study of Six Guitars (Alt. Version)
15. An End of Sorts (Alt. Version)
1. The Far-out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman
2. Snake Hips (Part 1)
3. Snake Hips (Part 2)
4. Smokin' Japanese Babe
5. Amoeba

Dead Cities
CD1: Main album
CD2: EPs
1-5. My Kingdom Part 1-5
6-10. We Have Explosive Part 1-5
CD3: Remixes & bonus tracks
1. We Have Explosive (7" Version)
2. We Have Explosive (Oil Funk Remix)
3. We Have Explosive (Oil Dub)
4. We Have Explosive (Mantronik Formula #1)
5. We Have Explosive (Mantronik Formula #2)
6. We Have Explosive (Mantronik Formula #1 Edit)
7. We Have Explosive (Smirkoff Mix)
8. We Have Explosive (Herd Killing)
9. We Have Explosive (Semtex)
10. We Have Explosive (2011 Rebuild)
11. Yage (Oil Remix)
12. Landmass
CD4: Alt versions
1. Herd Killing (Alt. Version)
2. Dead Cities (Alt. Version)
3. Her Face Forms in Summertime (Alt. Version)
4. We Have Explosive (Alt. Version)
5. Everyone in the World is Doing Something Without Me (Alt. Version)
6. My Kingdom (Early Mix)
7. Max (Alt. Version)
8. Antique Toy (Alt. Version)
9. Quagmire (Spatial Freakout)
10. Glass (Single Version)
11. Yage (Alt. Version)
12. Through Your Gills I Breathe (Alt. Version)
13. First Death in the Family (Alt. Version)
1. My Kingdom
2. We Have Explosive
3. Teachings From the Electronic Brain
4. Essential Festival
5. Delivering Dead Cities

If we were just to get the more straight-forward deluxe versions, a realistic probability is that Tales would get Sky-Scraper bolted onto the end, and the other three would have the alternative mix discs. Or, if Gaz and Brian are less involved, literally just bonus discs of Lifeforms and Dead Cities with the singles bolted together, which would be an underwhelming and undesirable result!

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Re: Deluxe boxsets - fantasy tracklists

Post by Rob » Wed May 29, 2019 6:53 pm

You already know that i support this totally, as you said, with Brian & Gaz completely involved - finger crossed!

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Re: Deluxe boxsets - fantasy tracklists

Post by Chris3d » Thu May 30, 2019 11:08 am

Something I had tinkered with myself and made alternate playlists and mixes using the Archived compilations, EPs and the exclusive compilation tracks. I had always envisaged that if they released a deluxe version, it would consist of the original album and an alternate take of the album with different tracks and different mixes of the original tracks, all mixed and segued together like the original.

There is already a whole other different mix of Tales of Ephidrina on a promo cassette. It would also be good to get Skyscraper as a bonus at the very least.

Lifeforms I imagined a CD3, much like the first 2 discs. But including the extra tracks and environments from the VHS, plus other alternate tracks and mixes.

ISDN, again another take on the album using the outtakes, extended mixes and some of the obvious archived tracks that fit in, along with Cow. I think this is the easiest of all of them as the material is already there and plentiful.

Dead Cities always bothered me. It's obvious which tracks are derived from it on the Archived releases, but none of them really fit together to make an album that has the same feel as the original. So maybe just a disc of remixes and bonus tracks would be a better fit. Unless of course they wanted to spend the time reworking everything to make it fit and have the same feel. In which case we might see these by 2030 :P

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